SPOTO CCIE CLUB is a company of Fuzhou SPOTO Network Technology Ltd , it founded in March 2003 for Information technology training which 14 years of CISCO certification training experience and is China first research and development of BOOTCAMP.We focussed on the network high-end talent training,employment and technical services,etc.We are the China's first network engineer paid in actual combat brand and the high-end network training animateur.

We have already helped thousands of people to pass CCNA/CCNP/CCIE and BootCamp combat certification over the last ten years.Our CCIE certification passing rate has been among the top of the country and we are the first organization to conquer the new version of CISCO CCIE continuously.

Original BOOTCAMP paid combat system has been successfully lead the students to participate in the expo, the games, Asian games nearly thousands of large and medium-sized network construction and implementation of the project.Enhance students practical ability and comprehensive quality,in the meantime ,completely solved the problem of university student's employment.

With profession and strength,SPOTO CCIE CLUB also provides technical support and human resource service for CISCO, Huawei, Star-Network Ruijie such as network equipment providers and system integrators which is famous domestic and overseas,and become the the only designated partners of Ruijie core technology provider and Ruijie University Online at Shanghai,Guangzhou,Fuzhou.

SPOTO CCIE CLUB devotes to build the first talent network service platform,cultivating the highest quality of network talents,Now we have three major high-end network training platform in China(Fuzhou,Guangzhou,Shanghai) and the national top ten project practice bases or stagnation.We company by the network training and technical support services as the core , and our business covers:Cisco certified training,bootcamp ,high-end talent network solutions,network project outsourcing,in-house training and certification,IT talent employment and headhunting,etc.And we achieved the one-stop service of IT network talent.