What can I do to pass the CCIE routing and switching lab?

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What can I do to pass the CCIE routing and switching lab?

As said earlier, it is going to be difficult to achieve CCIE Certifications; hence we here are some basic tips which would help you out to clear your CCIE Certification in the first attempt. Though it will all depend on your hard work, patience, and time management, this guide will give you some direction and will help you to clear CCIE Routing and Switching Lab Exam.


1. Learn through Experienced Trainer

It is crucial that you get trained from the people who have already done CCIE R&S Lab Exam. They would have the experience of giving a CCIE as they have already completed it; they are familiar with the environment and they are also familiar about what to do and what not to do. They would even share their experience and all the tips and tricks to clear the examination in the first attempt. They would let you know about what is important and what it is not; on which topics you are going to need to spend your most of the time on. So, you are only replied learn from Cisco-certified CCIE Trainers only.


2. Accurate Lab Training

You would have to do rigorous lab training before you are attempting for CCIE. The lab practice is what would make you learn about the concepts and understand them. At least 5 to 6 hours of lab practice every day with proper training is quite essential for the candidates to clear this examination. You are going to require performing the least of 500 hours of regular lab training in order to clear CCIE Lab Examination.


3. Remain Updated with Recent Information

It is important to keep yourself updated while you are preparing for CCIE Certifications. CCIE exam version changes with time with all its concepts and topics. So, you should know that which exam you are preparing yourself for. For CCIE Lab Examinations, Lab equipment, and software that are going to need to be the same. When you are having practice in your lab make sure that you have practice with the right equipment.


4. Understanding Current Topologies

There are so many topologies in networking which are going to come in examination. Yes, you would have to be known about them all. But knowing the current topology in relevant or not. Sometimes, the same topologies are going to repeat for a few months or years in the examination. So, it would be critical for you to learn about each and everything, especially about that one. This will help you out in clearing the examination a little easier.


5. Strong Troubleshooting Skills

In every track of CCIE Certification, you are going to need to clear both CCIE Written and Lab examination so as to earn the certification. In order to clear this examination, the candidates must have strong troubleshooting skills. Whether it is R&S or Security; Collaboration or Wireless, in each and every examination, a network would be given to you and you do need to troubleshoot it. You should know from which source the packet started as well as where it will move to, in order for you need to know about how to debug the entire transmission. So, get yourself prepared for it.


6. Don’t rely on a single book

Networking is a very vast field, which would be getting the complete knowledge by one book or person is next to impossible. For CCIEs, don’t just rely on one book. There are several books which would be available for it. You should learn as much as you can from as many books as possible.


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