What is the Best Way to Prepare for the CCIE Data Center Exam?

What is the Best Way to Prepare for the CCIE Data Center Exam?

 CISCO certifications are considered to be valid across the globe and this CCIE Data Center Written Exam would remain to validate that a person or rather a professional who would have an expert knowledge so as to gather as well as clarification of functional requirement of the CCIE Data Center Network.

Also, they would have to be able to develop networking designs which would be meeting the functional specifications. There are many ways to prepare for this exam, but the best way would be to join a good training institute, like the SPOTO.

Ways to prepare for CCIE Data Center Exam:

1.    Understand Exam Modules:

CCIE Data Center Certification program is believed to be a comprehensive program which would be consisting of two exams. First, there would be an exclusive exam of about 120-minute exams which would have around about 100 questions. After you would have cleared this exam, you’ll have to attend an eight-hour CCIE Wireless Lab exam, which would require having some lab skills. First Module maybe not that much difficult for you would have to clear it, but for the second module which is a lab exam, you would be requiring to go through about four customer design scenarios and design, analyze, implement as well as give optimization solutions.

2.    Time to Spend on Preparation:

An estimation of around 1000 hours of study for the CCIE Data Center exams is required. But again it would be all depending on the knowledge and expertise that you already have. Thus, you are required to first analyze yourself and then begin the study. If you wish to clear it in the first attempt, you need to gain the optimum level of knowledge and you could only achieve it if you would have lots and lots of practice.

3.    Where to Begin?:

In order to begin with, you would need to make a firm decision that would be no matter what time you would get, you would have to spend on studying for this exam. Whatever free time you are going to get, you need to work it all out on your studies, as you would have to trust me; you are never going to pass it in the first attempt if you do not get for the optimal utilization of your time. Thus, the candidates who would be having good experience and knowledge of networking design would be quite suitable for this exam. If you wish to really want to seriously pursue the CCIE Data Center exam, it is going to be better to gain some good experience of about seven years or more. 

4.    Self Evaluation:

CCIE Data Center Written exam is comprehensively designed for the candidates in order to test the optimum knowledge level. You have gained the confidence to appear for this exam, good. But do not get carried away. In order to be confident enough is good but there would be a thin line between the overconfidence and confidence so doesn’t fall off the line. You would need to go for the mock sessions or you might even try the live simulators so as to test your skills and knowledge that you would have gained.

5.    What Next?:

Clearing the CCIE Data Center Written Qualification exam would make you eligible for giving the CCIE Data Center Practical exam. So next you would need to do is to prepare for the CCIE Data Center Practical exam. For that, you would need to go through an extensive study again. So, it would be best if you get trained yourself through the extensive training which would be offered by a well-reputed organization, like which is offered by SPOTO, for various IT Certification and that too with the Passing Guarantee.

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